Can we build an artificial brain?

Can we build an artificial brain?

Films like Ex Machina, AI, and Transcendence revolve around artificial intelligence, and recreating the human brain in electronic form. The question is – can we do such a thing?

Simon Clark is a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of Exeter. To film this video, he visited the neuroscience lab at UCL, and worked  with Dr Ali Jennings, who has just started an exciting new project to communicate research called Collab Lab .

We look at the electrical circuits that are active in the brain, take a look at the electrical activity generated by a lone neuron in lab, look at networks of neurons, and finally examine the differences between biological and electronic circuits.

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  1. 1st of all I don’t understand Y these kind of Intelligent ppl doesn’t let other to reach them. I know what some smart peoples frm GoOgle, Deep Mind & Hanson Robotics are trying to make there but i also know they would all fail until they really know (what is Freewill & what is Thinking) in Nature & How these 2 different coded scripts related to each other. The real thing is how the programming of these two entities psychologically work together. I know they have many kinds of programmers bt they can’t take the work of a psychologist frm those incredibly fast developers. How they can make such a drastic element about which they don’t even know how to make this neural scheme of yours in the system. How neurons works dat physically different in Nature rather than how neural scheme of Mind Aka Programming of Electronic impulses in brain work. My point of talking is I have an actual grand recipe to make a “Natural Thinking Computer” I just need some programmers for discussing terms and implementation. A huge data such as Articles on Behaviors for personality, Brain and Power, Logic’s and Emotions, Languages for understanding, Knowledge and Information of Math/Physics and Ethics, Medical data related to Psychology and Manipulation, Audio and Visual device systems to communicate with System. Its is better to make neural scheme in system rather then in a robotic structure machinery. This could be highly dangerous for Humanity in upcoming future but there is a way if u know how to control In-dependency problem of self manifested programmable coding system. If I get a chance to settle with some of these Genius guys, Then maybe I could learn something’s new about Humans ageing effect problem, I wish I could B with them dere in creating this great invention.
    My Quote
    ” Everything is Possible in this Universe just you should know what to do, when to do and how to do it.” In my opinion Islam could be Perfect religion but ” I’m a Catalyst and I believe in Action/Reaction only!”


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