5 Latest Innovative Technologies

Let’s look at five latest innovative technologies prepared by ColdFusion.. Number 5: $1 Paper Microscope Education in Developing Nations is arising phenomena but it’s about to get a lot cheaper from young scientist with a little invention called the Foldscope. It’s an optical microscope developed by menu / cash a biophysicist at Stanford University. It costs about one dollar to produce. Foldscope’s aim is to provide cheap and easy to use scientific

Robots are the future and so Humans are the future too.

Some people will just want to spread the typical naysay about the development of this emerging science, mostly Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, I believe they are just Hypocrites! They use the technology at their own benefit, but they say it will doom the humanity, believing something similar like an Terminator scenario, when man vs machine fights for the survival in a senseless war that will bring no benefits

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Your Life : Jeff Dean

In the last five years, significant advances were made in the fields of computer vision, speech recognition, and language understanding. In this talk, Jeff Dean discusses why and how these advances have come about, what the implications are for areas as diverse as robotics, healthcare, human creativity and computer hardware design, and why these possibilities are so exciting. Jeff Dean is a Senior Fellow in Google’s Research Group, where he

Why Diversity Matters: Matt Zeiler

Artificial intelligence expert Matt Zeiler explains why diversity in building Artificial Intelligence matters. Matthew Zeiler is an artificial intelligence expert with a Ph.D. in machine learning from NYU. His groundbreaking research in visual recognition, alongside renowned machine learning pioneers Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun, has propelled the image recognition industry from theory to real-world practice. As the founder of Clarifai, Matt is applying his award-winning research to create the best

Davos 2017 - Artificial Intelligence

“As business opportunities for artificial intelligence multiply, how can industry leaders design the principles and technical standards into their products that benefit society as a whole?” It is more evident than ever that automated machines and robots are rapidly replacing human workers.  In Europe, concerns about the loss of good-paying jobs to automation is so strong that the idea of a universal basic income is gaining traction. France, for one

Artificial Intelligence will make our kids better learners

Looking at traditional education, the system is focused on ‘teaching’ rather than ‘learning’. This is what Philipp Schmidt, director of learning innovation at the MIT Media Lab says. Currently, as learners, students do not make their own decisions in terms of where, what and how they choose what to learn and work on. In this video Schmidt discusses active learning and how to get around some of the challenges in

Can Artificial Intelligence Solve a Murder?

Police suspect the virtual home assistant may hold clues to a murder—but Amazon is refusing to help. Police in Arkansas are attempting to obtain data from an Amazon Echo device, suspecting the virtual home assistant may hold clues to a murder. According to a report in The Information, police seized the Echo device as part of an investigation into the suspected murder of Victor Collins, who died in a hot

Artificial Intelligence is Eating Our World

Fabian Westerheide’s TEDx Talk dived into the challenges and opportunities of a world in which intelligent machines and humans coexist together. Artificial intelligence is and will be integrated more into vital parts of human life. Not only human jobs will be replaced by machines. Artificial intelligence will also challenge human thinking, art and culture. What comes after is the concept of Superintelligence and Singularity. “I got my first computer in

European Parliament raises ethical questions on robots and AI

Can a robot be held responsible for its actions? Concerned by liability risks and security issues, European legislators say it’s time to take a closer look at the civilian use of robots. Whether it’s driving cars, feeding and milking cows or performing surgery, robots are stepping up to the task and cracking into a range of markets. Their ranks have swelled to 1.7 million in the world. But this boom