Sophia (Robot) is testing 2017 Audi AI

Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot, is an evolving genius machine. It is getting smarter day by day. The humanoid robots like Sophia, created by David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics,  to be used to serve in health care, therapy, education and customer service applications. It has 62 different facial and neck mechanisms to create natural-looking movement as well as a patented silicon skin. Inside its eyes are

WWDC 2017: Apple AI Technology will Accelerate Applications

Apple has announced a new machine learning API that will further accelerate mobile artificial intelligence. This technology will give rocket speed to the applications. Apple, like other techies in the tech world, wants to make artificial intelligence on the mobile platform fast and powerful. Because of this, the application interface (API) that the company has named Core ML and has opened to developers, was announced by Apple. The core benefit

Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2017: Neil Jacobstein

Neil Jacobstein, Chair of A.I. and Robotics, interviewed by Alison E. Berman of Singularity Hub, on the A.I. trends for 2017 and beyond.. Alison E. Berman, Staff Writer | I’m Alison Berman with Singularity Hub, and we are here at Exponential Manufacturing Conference on day one, and today, I’m with Neil Jacobstein, who is our chair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Singularity University. He’s also on the founding editorial

Life's Purpose in Era of Automation & AI, Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Address

Facebook founder and Harvard-dropout Mark Zuckerberg delivered a Commencement Speech at Harvard University. Zuckerberg said increasing automation and AI means the loss of jobs that had helped a generation find its voice and frame its values. “A lot of people are feeling disconnected and depressed, and are trying to fill a void in their lives,” He urged the students to do big projects and create a sense of purpose for

AI Can Now Self-Reproduce and Should Humans Be Worried?: Eric Weinstein

Those among us who fear world domination at the metallic hands of super-intelligent AI have gotten a few steps ahead of themselves. We might actually be outsmarted first by fairly dumb AI, says Eric Weinstein. Humans rarely create products with a reproductive system—you never have to worry about waking up one morning to see that your car has spawned a new car on the driveway (and if it did: cha-ching!),

In 1985, Isaac Asimov Predicted Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Job Replacement Today

Isaac Asimov Predicted Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics & Job Replacement in 1985. The greatest sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov’s Interview in 1985 is more than relevant even in 2017! He predicted AI and Robots would induce technological unemployment even before the age of internet. Robots and Empire is a science fiction novel by the American author Isaac Asimov and published by Doubleday Books in 1985. It is part of Asimov’s Robot series,

Boston Dynamic's mysterious robot: SpotMini

We got an up-close-and-personal look at Boston Dynamic’s mysterious robot, the SpotMini, at the Liberty Science Center’s Genius Gala. The SpotMini is a four-legged robot that was developed to learn what is possible with a mobile manipulation platform. Operations lead Seth Davis gave us a little insight into what makes this dog-like robot tick. “Hi, I’m Seth Davis and I’m the operations lead at Boston Dynamics. SpotMini is a four-legged robot

Women in Artificial Intelligence, Google I/O

Past, Present and Future of AI / Machine Learning (Google I/O 2017).. We are in the middle of a major shift in computing that’s transitioning us from a mobile-first world into one that’s AI-first. AI will touch every industry and transform the products and services we use daily. Breakthroughs in machine learning have enabled dramatic improvements in the quality of Google Translate, made your photos easier to organize with Google

What are Future Jobs and Work in Era of Artificial Intelligence?

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Accenture, will dive into these topics with the latest, emerging thinking and insights. “Artificial Intelligence, The Missing Middle And The Future Of Work” Will Artificial Intelligence create a whole new reality for the future of work? What lies at the intersection of humans and robots and machines? How is Artificial Intelligence changing the very nature of work and business processes. There is