Predicting Heart Attacks Using AI Methods

Today the heart disease is one of the most important causes of death in the world. So its early prediction and diagnosis is important in medical field, which could help in on time treatment, decreasing health costs and decreasing death caused by it. In fact the main goal of using data mining algorithms in medicine by using patients’ data is better utilising the database and discovering tacit knowledge to help

Brain-training games such as Lumosity won’t boost your IQ, but...

Brain-training games won’t boost your IQ, but a host of strategies can improve your cognitive abilities one piece at a time. Is it just me, or is everybody out there looking for a quick fix? There is something highly compelling about the idea that there is a secret switch we can flip to become suddenly smarter, to reveal cognitive abilities hidden inside each of us. It is a notion that certainly

Aluminum exposure may cause Alzheimer’s

Scientists now say lifelong exposure to aluminum, a neurotoxin present in deodorant, tinfoil, and other common household items, may contribute to Alzheimer’s. While research is still being conducted, the scientific community has begun to look more at environmental factors than genetics in our fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins RT’s Simone Del Rosario to explain these findings. There is a study titled “Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease: