Facebook Big Steps in A.I and Augmented Reality

Facebook Big Steps in A.I and Augmented Reality

Just like Google few weeks earlier, also FB talks about the progress made in computer vision and the impact on Artificial Intelligence and VR and how developers can take advantage of FB new photo tools and platform.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s CTO, appeared onstage to talk about the company’s research progress, giving a peek at technologies that allow the company to do things like identify people, pets, and products in a photo with a high degree of confidence or erase a moving sailboat from a video.

Schroepfer says that Facebook’s AI advances over the years have helped prepare it for these new initiatives, but also that the company’s product focus brings clarity to its research directions. “All this cool tech stuff is neat and all, but there’s always ‘What do people want to do with this?,’” he explains. “That’s where Mark Zuckerberg sketches out a vision.” (https://www.fastcompany.com)

VP of Platform & Marketplace Deb Liu showed off AR Studio on the stage.

Facebook makes available FB Spaces in Beta version, but it is already labelled as a step towards “the most powerful social platform”. Head of Social VR Rachel Franklin introduced Facebook Spaces. 

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