Sophia (Robot) is testing 2017 Audi AI

Sophia (Robot) is testing 2017 Audi AI

Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot, is an evolving genius machine. It is getting smarter day by day.

The humanoid robots like Sophia, created by David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics,  to be used to serve in health care, therapy, education and customer service applications.

It has 62 different facial and neck mechanisms to create natural-looking movement as well as a patented silicon skin. Inside its eyes are cameras that are capable of facial recognition.  Its porcelain skin, a slender nose, high cheekbones, an intriguing smile, and deeply expressive eyes makes her attractive.

In an interview with Sophia and its developers with CNBC last year, it was a bit frightening for us to hear that it wants  to bring ‘the end of humanity’.

It has given numerous interviews to multiple media outlets so far. This time, it participated in a test drive for Audi AI.

Sophia” is an artificially intelligent (AI) human-like robot developed by Hong Kong-based humanoid robotics company Hanson Robotics.

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  1. Despite the sciences involved, the technology extensively evaluated, If someone decides to take down all of the satellites that control this advanced science, then you have catistrophoric failure if every car was tethered to this. And true gridlock if the technology can’t be undone.


  2. There is a clear relationship between human intelligence and education; literacy skills and arithmetical knowledge are required to pass I.Q. tests. There is little doubt that an educated and literate person who can think rationally and scientifically, and who is connected to the Internet, is going to have a much greater knowledge database at their fingertips, including the ability to research different perspectives on any issue than the non-Internet connected person. I have been on the Internet since the beginnings of the WWW in the early 90’s, and I am most certainly a rather different person today than I was then, and I am a consequence of both human intelligence and the Internet database of human knowledge. The future human species, homo-cyborg, is likely to be educated from childhood to death by AI in VR and AR realities, and are likely to be constantly connected to the Internet by the use of Google Glass, contact lens or neural type interfaces, and I would predict that they will be a far more knowledgeable, scientific and rational species, who will be, in comparison to this current species, comparatively omniscient (i.e., able to have access to all human knowledge). AI will replace the voices of the old gods in the minds of the future generations and it will be a rational, logical and scientific voice, more like “Dr. Spock” in Star Trek, than our current and often irrational human species.

    When the human mind changes, the world will change.

    (quote) Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot, is an evolving genius machine. It is getting smarter day by day. (/quote)

    I am somewhat sceptical of these kind of claims. Sophia is essentially a chatbot. Chatbots merely have a pre-written conversation database, or in more advanced chatbots, the ability to look up human conversations on the WWW. Certainly, the more programming hours which are invested in chatbot programming, and with the enlargement of its conversation and knowledge database, the better they will become. Chatbots are not “geniuses;” they are a consequence of human programmers.


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