Deep Learning

Japan is offering solutions to various challenges through Deep Learning

Through deep learning, Japan is offering solutions to various challenges that the world faces. Industrial robots are used in manufacturing plants around the world to streamline and automate operations. Japanese robots have led the drive towards factory automation and today they’re evolving to offer even greater gains in efficiency through deep learning. Toru Nishikawa, Preferred Networks, Inc. President & CEO “Deep learning technology which is our speciality is driving the

Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence

Deep learning is based on technical advances made by the neural network revolution in the 1980’s. Why did it take so long for neural networks to recognise speech and objects in images at human levels? What were the breakthroughs that made deep learning possible? Which industries will deep learning disrupt and how will deep learning change your life? These are some of the issues that Professor Terrence Sejnowski will explain.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning: Yoshua Bengio

A revolution in AI is occurring thanks to progress in deep learning. How far are we towards the goal of achieving human-level AI? What are some of the main challenges ahead? Yoshua Bengio believes that understanding the basics of AI is within every citizen’s reach. That democratizing these issues is important so that our societies can make the best collective decisions regarding the major changes AI will bring, thus making

Analyzing Blood Cells in Seconds With Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence startup Athelas utilizes deep learning to differentiate cell morphology and nucleation features, enabling the performance of multiple blood tests for a fraction of existing costs. Explore more about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Breakthrough in Computer Vision Athelas uses the novel approach of deep learning to automatically analyze blood cells in seconds. It’s algorithms are trained to differentiate cell morphology and pick up on nucleation features. This automation

Using Deep Learning to Understand Creative Language: Mohit Iyyer

Creative language—the sort found in novels, film, and comics—contains a wide range of linguistic phenomena, from phrasal and sentential syntactic complexity to high-level discourse structures such as narrative and character arcs. In this talk, Mohit Iyyer explores how we can use deep learning to understand, generate, and answer questions about creative language. Mohit Iyyer begins by presenting deep neural network models for two tasks involving creative language understanding: 1) modeling

Deep Learning at Emrah Tasli, Stas Girkin

Deep learning has been widely influential in academic research and also recently finding its way into the industry. This talk explains how we utilize deep learning techniques at the scale and verify the value from the customers through A/B testing. Use cases go beyond image analysis towards solving a variety of regression and classification problems.

Deep learning for time series made easy: Dafne van Kuppevelt

Deep learning is a state of the art method for many tasks, such as image classification and object detection. For researchers that have time series data, but are not an expert on deep learning, the barrier can be high to start using deep learning. They developed mcfly, an open source python library, to help machine learning novices explore the value of deep learning for time series data. In this talk,

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a machine learning technique that learns features and tasks directly from data. This data can include images, text, or sound. The video uses an example image recognition problem to illustrate how deep learning algorithms learn to classify input images into appropriate categories. Lastly, the video explores the three reasons why deep learning has surged in popularity over the last five years. Learn about the differences between deep

Guardian Angels: Towards AI-assisted Care: Fei-Fei Li

Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chief Scientist Professor Fei-Fei Li, Director at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, talked about “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine” and how it could transform the workflow in healthcare and the way we diagnose, treat and prevent disease. I actually feel inadequate to be in this audience. I know very little about medicine. So I’m here to learn and interact with you. My talk title is “Guardian Angels: Towards Artificial Intelligence assisted

Deep Learning and Self-Driving Cars from MIT: Lectures 01-05

It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or new to machine learning or advanced researcher in the field of deep learning methods and their application, everybody can benefit of Lex Fridman’s course on Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars. Lecture 1: Introduction to Deep Learning and Self-Driving Cars *An overview of deep learning methods: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks *How deep learning can help improve each component