Better Living and Better National Health Service via Artificial Intelligence

Google DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman sits down chat about their projects and partnership with the National Health Service (NHS), their newly-formed ethics think tank.  Mustafa Suleyman is co-founder and Head of Applied AI at DeepMind, where he is responsible for integrating the company’s technology across a wide range of Google products. In February 2016 he launched DeepMind Health, which builds clinician-led technology in the NHS. Mustafa was Chief Product Officer at

Towards General Artificial Intelligence: Dr Demis Hassabis

Dr Demis Hassabis, Co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, Vice President of Engineering at Google DeepMind drew on his eclectic experiences as an Artificial Intelligence researcher, neuroscientist and videogames designer to discuss what is happening at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence research, including the recent historic AlphaGo match, and its future potential impact on fields such as science and healthcare, and how developing Artificial Intelligence may help us better understand the

Google Program Defeats European Go Champion

AlphaGo, a new AI program developed by Google, has mastered the Chinese board game Go by using sophisticated intuitive and decision-making algorithms. It is an important step forward in creating AI programs capable of anticipating and planning for the future. DEEPMIND AND ALPHAGO Forget Deep Blue, IBM’s chess-playing computer that defeated human chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1996. Meet DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) division that created AlphaGo, an algorithm